New MEES energy laws for landlords

Did you know that due to the introduction of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), it will be unlawful to agree a lease on any commercial property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating below an E?

Properties deemed not to meet the new MEES will be illegal to lease, unless the landlord formally registers an exemption.

Six things landlords need to know about MEES

  1. 1MEES are already law
  2. 2It is thought up to 20% of non-domestic properties in England and Wales currently have an F or G EPC rating
  3. 3From April 2018 the regulations will be enforced on new leases as well as renewals meaning properties with a rating below an E will be affected
  1. 4From April 2023 the laws will also apply to all privately rented property
  2. 5The Government aims to raise the MEES standard to a D by 2025 and a C rating in 2030
  3. 6Financial penalties for not meeting the new laws could be as high as £150,000

How Navitas EAS can help commercial property landlords

  • We can help you obtain an EPC to determine the current energy rating of your building
  • Offer a wide range of energy-related services and advice
  • Prepare a report that analyses the cost effectiveness of the recommendations produced with an EPC
  • Assist landlords in identifying potential energy efficiency improvements and the effect any changes would make to the overall EPC rating

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